giovedì 5 settembre 2013


And it is the turn of Harajuku! Maybe you don't know ... but it's my love... I love this neighborhood! I will do also a parenthesis of "fashion" in the next post because I really like it .. I study fashion, but I don't like the classic fashion or as normal as chanel or valentine .. no .. I like the particular fashion of Japan: lolita and the various sub-groups and then there are many underground fashions because fashion trends is createby young people from the street and as they like ...
anyway ... the morning wandering around the shops of Takeshita dori, the famous street Harajuku ...

     (photo made ​​only because in Verona raining heavily and there no u.u)

my favorite photo!!!!!

turning around we come into a hole .. a punk fashion store where the woman  with the excuse that we are Italian kept us inside for half an hour .. continuing to say "Màh design Màh design .. this .. this is NAT màh design "and threw it on the ground O.o...


but just a sweatshirt for me with the skull and the studs cost 69€ .. a blue skirt very cool it cost too ^^ .. so after three quarters of an hour we were able to go out there... and Manuel came in front of us..he he...


we have thrown in saying to tell him that he was Italian, and when he came back he said "but where did you sent me .. she's crazy ... ".... then .. as if that wasn't enough, in the store near that we hear the music of Big Bang .. and what we do .. we go right?!  there were sweatshirts Rap style but they were something like 1oo€!!! and even there we were half an hour because there was a good idiot (me) that saw a sweatshirt that says Italy and the guy saied "Ohhhh .. Italy .. You'reItalian? "..



"Yes" .. we had never said that! Fortunately, after, to the Body line were all normal and nice u.u .. and I took cool ties for my dad u.u
Anyway .. also in Harajuku was born a love u.u ... is the CREPES!! it's one thing to OMGFDKJDFHGDF!

                                                   our faces when we saw them!!!

I taken the one with cheese cake, _ strawberries and cream and .. OMG! u.ù are very good .. very good u.ù I miss themmmmmmmmmmmmmm T ^ T
And always in Harajuku, near the corner "do not say that you are Italian!" There was a shop that really .. for 3 guys who like tailoring and costumes and make cosplay was really the end of the world .. as always you could not take pictures .. I have imprinted them ..  they are all here * u.u touching my temple....there had also purchased Lady Gaga and Ayumi! a lot inspired by Lady Gaga .. Crazy!! wonderful!!!

Here I saw the most romantic place in the world .. was the 110 year of disney and a shopping center... don't know how many floors .. above was outdoors with all the lights and songs of all disney and comfortable chairs, deck chairs and fantastic stuff for couples  u.u. ...


and soon the light was off so we were normal sit on a chair made of elastic ... to hear the soundtracks of disney in English .... ... then ..... at some point lights up everything! You hear a "wooooo" general .. for make the photo I almost fell off the chair because I jumped up like



and I will have done2 00 photos more or less and 2 videos u.ù .. but what a lot .. painful? I think that it's the right word ... a family is gone from a wooden sofa where you were lying  ..Ma and me watched and I said "ah ... if in your place there was someone else would be even more romantic" .. nice eh? And what I did ... I had just bought the calendar 2013/2014 of TOP from Big Bang .. and I putted the photos on Ma's face ^^ _ Hahahahaa ... bad u.u after we got out, we crossed Manuel and Tessa who hadn't seen that light show, so we took them on and we were a good half hour .. we come out to see the Tokyo Sk line and down there was Paolo (who was waiting for us) and we instead of going down .. Iwe looked ant took picture of him XD .. then go down to tease ...

and this day ended in the best way ^ ^

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