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TOKYO FACTS N°2 - ON THE ROAD!! - english-

Let's continue with the journey ....


After saying goodbye to all my cats and my dogs, we finally left for Milan, in the trip we dozed a little because the night before we hadn't slept much; Malpensa airport was hail, and after greeting Whisky (my dog) we went to check in n° 12 ( or 13 ?) terminal 1 and, after asked to an official if we were doing it right, we arrived at our destination and we went to a bar for have breakfast, after we had to meet other guys... I told to Tessa that I would wear an orange jacket ( damn jacket !) and I had to keep it though there were 300 °C! As soon as I found them I stripped XD. Before heading to the check-in we stopped in a subspecies of the newsstand where I and Ma bought (€9.90!) A document/money holder to be connected under the clothes, and of course we didn't know that you could walk to Tokyo with the bag open, but is something that can be useful for other trips (but also to use in Italy XD). And also because we weren't aware of this peculiarity of Japanese we manufactured pockets where to put the money to be attached with a safety pin inside the bra .. -_- ... so my breasts was worth 200,000 yen (we had the exchange 1 € = 100 yen , so they were € 2.000 ) and another 50,000 yen ( € 500) in the portfolio; these " flaps " have been used only day of the flight because we soon realized that it could be traveling with the bag open or with the wallet in the hand, that nothing would happen... Kindness is a feature that I personally love and the Japanese predisposition towards others really struck me, however, in Italy once I dropped € 20 at Fnac, in Verona and a "gentleman"  wanted to steal them... but oh well, what can you do, each country has its own inhabitants and although these "facts" speak only of my travel experiences i must remind you that Japan has horrible sides.
We then went to the check -in, it was a fairly quick and it was time to say goodbye to my parents, my dad had tears in his eyes and I also was sad to leave them for two weeks, but on the other hand I never left for more than 4 days to go to a friend's house, so I did something fast so as not to leave a vale of tears on both sides.

          (I hadn't so much lip gloss .. indeed .. I was totally without make-up u.u)

After that we parted and went to our gate to catch the plane.


Finally we were about to take off, I had a little 'fear' because it was my first flight, but I couldn't wait to see the little tiny Northern Italy and I haven't cared much, the plane..... I loved it, and I thought, "you'll sleep!"


and instead!! for more than 12 hours (plus or minus 3 from Milan to Moscow and 9 (or more) from Moscow to Narita, more stops and delays) I haven't slept less than two seconds, but on the other hand I saw 3 movies in English and I played to a game that I wasn't playing since I was in elementary school (a game with Timon and Pumba from The Lion King). After a little more than three hours we landed in Moscow and here we met others who had arrived three hours before, however, the heating in that airport was an awesome thing, we were shooting in short sleeves! We got in line and enter the Boing (one absurd size plane), when after 3000 laps around the track there comes the news that the door doesn't block and then we had to go downstairs to wait for a new plane and instead of starting at 21.00 we left after midnight, but in return they offered good to eat, we did the take away for ate in plane.
Entrance to the plane of the newspapers there were Japanese and Russian, but I didn't take them. instead of a lady next to me had taken it and they also spoke of Ri (Seung Ri, member of the Big Bang, a k-pop group) and his drama with lots of photos, but what was done was done. After we had eaten the big burger with chips Hostess arrived for dinner and was immediately worried because neither me and Ma wanted to eat, but after 10 minutes we managed to Reassure...... well..... I didn't sleep anything!


Finally we landed at Narita Airport and saw the much-coveted written "welcome to Japan", the boys have changed the money as I have stripped and we exited the airport, I wear short sleeves (in the face of what said my mom  XD). And so began my .. our adventure.


We took the metro, but I was too tired to look around and I even fell asleep on the bag that was on the suitcase, so much that when I woke up I had the bag on the face of the mold. We arrive in Minami-Senju, the district of cute but scary old men who would host "our home" for two weeks. Our hotel was something wonderful style all over Japan, the keys were tied to a .. Keychain (if you can call it) 20cm long, rectangular orange and written with the room number.

(leaving aside the confusion .. is that thing on the bed next to the phone)
The hotel had 10 floors, the 10th had washing machines, showers and sento (typical Japanese bath withhot water), from the first to the ninth floor there are the rooms (we were on the 6th, the other on the 8th), while the ground floor was the entrance where ritiravi the keys and you paid and the lobby with 4 computers with webcams and headsets, tv with sofas and coffee table, bathrooms, a vending machine, a table with chairs and a phone booth (I never asked if it worked or not), after a door you come to the fully equipped kitchen and also a table with chairs, then there was a door leading to the garden and finally our favorite: after a sliding door you came into the Yakuza room XD, a simple room with TV, game consoles, video games and manga, a low table, 5 bearings and a mega ottoman, it was the room where we were to eat in the evening when we didn't go out. On each floor there were also 2 showers separated by two doors with all the necessary products and very nice, also because they were not tight at all, 4 bathrooms, two for women and I think there were also two for men but honestly I've never entered XD, and a small room with sinks and mirrors.


When enter inside the room we stayed stunned: it was very convenient and comfortable and there were also a yukata, an orange towel and a pair of slippers each and, although I have 41 foot number, I entered without any problems, but I had taken away the my ultralight slippers leopard, so I used those, besides all in thisroom there were also 2 futons and tatami with magnificent pillow that I wanted to take home, two coffee tables with their pillows, a basket, a little fridge, two scaffolds wood, a mirror, the air conditioner (even though we didn't need because we were in November and floor heating) and four windows.

I enjoyed it very much also for various other reasons: it was close to two Conbini: The Seven Eleven and another I cannot remember the name, it was close to the metro, taxis often passed, we had the bus stop right outside at the door and very important thing was the son of the owner ^^ who was really a very nice boy, who watched the k-pop programs in the lobby in the evening and that the last day I found him next to me with  tank *ç*....
After depositing our bags we went out to eat at Mc Donald, I assure you that is where I spent more on food, but we were too tired to go to other way, arrived at the checkout I noticed the saucer where they put the money , the waitress have fallen on the bench and apologized as if she killed our cat, was so embarrassed! O.O
Back to the hotel, after we made ​​photos with the yukata, we went to have a shower and then straight to bed with the alarm clocks bets.

  The next day we would go to AKIHABARA!! but first ... a nice nap

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