mercoledì 4 settembre 2013


The day start to hear sing Exo with Mama...


..Ma curses me for choosing that type of alarm and after a while you hearl  Crayon of G Dragon, her alarm clock, we get up and turn off with much effort, we do our thing and we go out, close the door and descend.
We have breakfast with what we had bought the night before at Conbini or as it was renamed by me "how is called, open 24 hours on 24"

(the one great thing about half chewed on the right is my ichigo pan .. something fklhehgurhio)

After breakfast at the lobby and greeted the guy that knew English worse than a native speaker we went to the metro ^^
ok .. the METRO! forget the Italian metro ok?! and since the photos say it all already here it is .. trains that split second, strips of ground to make up files for later CIVIL (not like here), before making off all other u.u


 (Japan = policy of "if we employ all the market turns = sign holders, clean signs / chairs Metro, scatter wipes for the city)


Just let me say one thing: AKIHABARAAAAAAAA!! Yeahhhhhhhh!! Amazing <3 I saw my first animate! It is an unimaginable thing O.o OMG ... no really .. didn't know where to turn around ... Pandora Hearts are arrived there with n°20 with two guides u.u ... and gadgets that we'll never haev!! EVER!! And there was a model of Souseiseki .. ommmmmyggggod!! * Q * .. But it cost 170 euro ... and I'm gnawing to die for not taking it ... well we enter to the first Animate with ... with ... 4/5 floors? .. forget to see stuff like 2-storey high trifles ... no .. Nisba .. Nada!!

(well ... the little ones on the left is a paradise for cosplayers! that right of otaku! I love them!)

And also the ax ... ELEVEITAH!! As they say ... they were amazing!! ...... And then you turned this way .. you turned beyond .. and there was everything! Of everything! Even the cookies that after Ma took .. and that the last days are gone in the trash ... did they just suck .. yuck ... well question .. "We find  Maid?" Answer "Yes! I'll have seen only a dozen in one day u.u .. from kittens to the students of all u.ù "


ha ha ... I must say this ... well ... I was sitting outside a store .. type 4 or 6 floors .. I don't remember ... and watched/talked about the people who passed us .. then .. There were 3 things that catch our attention .. all ... but everyone took in hand the peluche of chopper that was in a basket .. but everyone -. - "... then the heels of a girl ... it was strange facts ...


. and the third ... then I drop the eye of a couple who were looking at a stuff in front of me ... and at some pointthe girl put a little 'squatting and what I see??

underpants doll style!!!!!!!

I turn around and tell that to Ma, saying that if he folded the I took a picture ... now I apologize to the girl ... but she started well and I was right in front of the machine in hand u.u ...


      sorry =P.....
Another awesome thing .. if you're a girl of 15 (but also less) or a 60 and passes all but tell all! .. wearing heels! We've seen a few great with sneakers .. but very few! and most with skirts ... there were many girls our age of those with dresses or skirts and taccazzi that if you put them and come here, you'll be considered a bitch...

 but oh well .. other thing that I like about Tokyo .. you can wear what you want!!!!   .. maybe they look at you .. think .. but they don't say anything ^^ ... other great thing that I love .. you don't jostle! Really arrived in Italy is the first stuff that I noticed that I regret! No really! Ahhh! Well .. other thing that I love .. markets are ... omg ... I bought a bag to 2 euro .. not know how many are 2 euro! then I bought .. the thing to sleep on the plane that I use for the neck normally Rillakuma (I call Rilla) .. and moreover has the crates that you attack the phone, ipod or whatever and they let go .. and wonderful thing is really for the plane because you teeth very well but qll Nisba next to you! =) Then I took an mp3 of Rilla with headphones 5 euro ... (I am talking about because I had the euro exchange rate EUR 1 100 yen .. so I spent 500yen or 5 euro =)) .. a pendant of the Cheshire Cat in 1Euro, a phone strap of my akiyama, another thing to Rilla Shinku and a limited edition with even the 7 volume set just 15 Euros =) .. ie .. minimum 70 here!!

  (the purse paid € 2 and the model [Shinku] 15 with its manga ... here is the shrine japan .. and except for the dragon, I got it all there .. the stickers for the nails that we have given like present because we are Italian .... and even a chupa chups u.ù ) 

first to tell you about the birth of a love I'll show you .. HEAVEN!


well .. here is the new love -----> And the winner is ... Yoshinoya! I love it ... eat a lot with just 2 € u.u ... the biggest expense for food was when we went to the MC on the first day!

(the receipts of the day) of the series ... shut up and take my money!

ate we ate,  drank we drank and then we go back to the hotel ... and here ... Ma and me make a shocking discovery!!
     the owner's son!! .. it wasn't for nothing like that

        but rather something like this


and he looked also k-pop programs! .. ie .. I think the gif make you understand what kind I like .. isn't it?
said/saw that, we left in the room -> Shower -> bed

... and the next day? bah .. who knows ^^

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