giovedì 5 settembre 2013


---- Break from the facts .. -----

I have read the posts that I wrote to my mother from Japan and one I wrote "here's a Hot! We sweat like goats unworthy "o.o .. just me ... and even "don't kill yourselves every night if I'm not writing because I'll tired" all worried about me =) =)
THEN re-read them... I laugh until dead so I put "the most salient here u.u"
 - As you can see I'm not going nor the apostrophe nor the accent ... I did not know where they were
my mom who is concerned about the washing machine -> I recommend it to 40 degrees 'cause certainly you'll put everythinng and remember to put the color-catcher!!!

I, speaking of pocky (I had a small dependence on those in strawberry version...)


suddenly the keyboard start in japanese mode -> ok ... be the escort but I don't?ペダ の 歩cpえt痔 塀pジェリp_ ytryrthtrhtrhおっおk k
mom- > you became bJapanese, write in Italian I didn't understand anything!!

Information of pcs u.ù
" there are 4 and they are all there to play around .. not just us in the hotel .. in front of our room got a nice English and Western guy  .. but ... this morning I was also greeted filippo .. and he opened the door without seeing if there was someone and hit a guy ... u.u but we are in two different plans .. we at 6 and we have them on the eighth floor.. our room is 603 "
" on each floor there are 2 showers 4 bathrooms (2 women and two men) and a small room where there are mirrors and sinks for brushing teeth but I have to do  90 degrees for use it ... then we have our room when we go back the yakuza, I do some of the photos so you can see well  = ) =) "
" and since I have to turn the camera .. that I had already said .. I have decided that I can tell on the internet or I'll take the tatami with futon and then that pillow with the pebbles are gorgeous.. ah .. and in room yakuza got the sack, the type that I wanted . now .. u.u is my throne, in the hall yuo can play with the wii games, manga and TV... there is Western-style room in the lobby for eat, and then we comfortable sofas are comfortable with the tv "
answer ->  not accustom

conversation between mother and daughter u.ù -> mmmmmm ... Oh well ... now I'm going to my room, I 'm going to take a shower and I have to poop after that (which Miss u.u ) .... good night for me and enjoy the rest of the day to you ... say hi to all .. tell her dad that I broke my leg = 0  no ... ola ... Ah ! you know .. in certain metro there are suicide barrier .. only in a pear .. Oh well well .. ciaoooooooooooooooooooooooo
other day -> buenos .. now I go on ... I'm going to hell , and then I take a nice shower and thread to bed =) =) ciaooooooooooooooo ...  is a week today that we're here =) =) say hello to the pope and all the others .. ciaoooooooo
answer now indifferent u.u -> you know, and in a week you're here ...... how nice . Here everyone greet you..

my mother is worried -> how many things you took ! ! ! the bedding is all in place or has been destroyed something ... and just eat that crap when you come back I know that you have to put on a diet ....
- . - "

Mom: I got the tint , last night debby (my halfsister) did some experiment.
I said, oh my God ... what you've made ​​? ?
MOTHER : color brown and blue 
Me : please post a picture ... I want to see you u.u should I worry ?
Mom: yes
Me: o.o oh my God I want to see !
After seeing the photo: I like it! ! you would see well at harajuku ... ^^

crazy times between Japan and Italy u.u I still have all the old messages in the phone ha ha =) =) I'll keep them forever =) =)

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