venerdì 6 settembre 2013


Asakusa! And here I finally found the damn magnets! Yessssss! in short, was the traditional neighborhood ... and basically we were in full Tori no Ichi .. or the beginning of the New Year celebrations =) =)

and here .. u.u other things have happened ... we are around the main alley ... when 3 children stop us (me and Ma) .. and in practice they asked us some questions (to learn better English) and asked us to let us photos together .. but kawaiiiii= 3 ... then when we were all together with the group other children stopped us and made two small groups .. one with Manuel Tessa and Paolo and one with us .. were other children from another school and they were 4 .. and one was very shy =) that cute ... and a little girl when I said that I like baseball, she said "woooo baseball =)" .. I guess she also liked it u.u and then gave us a shuriken origami and a postcard with traditional games designed .. mine was made ​​by Sugamo 16 .. they were cuuuuuuuute ..


that is, I hate brats .. but those not .. pfff...put some of Italian children in .. front of the Colosseum to stop foreigners to learn the language .. but come on!!! ... you laugh only at the thought .. u.ù ... other thing that happened to me .. we enter the main Temple (Asakusa Kannon)


and a child looks at me and screams like a possessed "GAIJIN!" we laughed for half an hour even though I was just a little 'stunned O.O


Then ... I like a lot the methods of purification ... this also had the ashes over the water but in all there is still water, and the methodology is not always the same u.u ..

(the sign >. < pay attention to the birds that do stuff on clothes ... then .. we have the pigions,. they have crows u.u)

I attended a "put" to the memory of the husband of a lady .. with Buddhist ritual and it was gorgeous .. I started to cry it was so beautiful! And I had second thoughts (can you say? .. No I do not get the word >. <) To my grandparents who would not know what I saw and felt during those weeks ... Ah! And I also made the .. try for the new year .. those seen in the manga ... I always said that in 2013 it would be a good thing to take a trip! KOREA comes to me! .. (but I'm still here ..)



anyway .. then we saw an abandoned temple mhuahaahahahahaaa!! and moving us I do not remember where, we saw the clock designed by Miyazaki ..  a gorgeous show!


And then we went to Tokyo Tower! ... Yeeeee CLAMP powah! * Hikaru mode on *! But unfortunately we weren't transported to Cephiro T ^ T ... that day I spent so much ... but at least didn't have to think about gifts for others, and I was a free woman u.u =) .. although in the end I took something every day u.u


We had dinner at Kaiten sushi!! Addictive so beware!, And was also close to the hotel and next to DAISO then allèèèè .. paradise assured u.ù ..


yes .. I like sushi ... With 100 yen you get a saucer with 2 pieces and arrived within 5 saucers you can play and win some mini pendants whit the mascot Mutenmaru!
And we find ourselves to cheer like idiots with the little voices helium style "Mutenmaru Go! Win for us! .. And in practice was structured so .. you sat down and close the tape was going through with all the plates .. you produced on a plastic dome and you ... but if you took the saucer just wanted to have something that you didn't see that you don't arrive or there was a mini-touch screen and types you order and he prepared it, and I will sent you ... in short, sometimes you can hear Paolo felt scream "NUOO!" because instead of 1 or 2 had crushed 26 ha ha ... luckily you could cancel a shot ... otherwise we would have arrived 54 plates of sushi with tuna and mayonnaise >. <

  ha ha XD I'll see you at the next post

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