venerdì 6 settembre 2013


That distant 15 November, we went to Nippori (indeed Nipporiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii as Ma said in Kawaii mode) .. the first time that we had gone most of shops were closed because it was Sunday ...


but after we went back there and there has opened up the world of wonders!


where there is those tissues  that were really reinforced grinding u.u .. the TOMATO!
Here the tomato are a chain of 4-storey buildings high up chock-full of things for sewing u.u ...


I found a wonderful fabric for 200 yen with traditional prints! Really beautiful! And I found a package of 1 kg above that had a print on baseball.. beautiful .. and I immediately thought of my mom .. so I went to ask if we had separate but nothing ... I had entered japanese mode then 500 yen seemed many (idiot!) but I got to make my mom happy =) and after turning I saw a pattern cross stitch on Mount Fuji ... but I saw the price and went out in silence u.u ...


after seeing Nipporiiiii and gas stations .. that in contrast to here are hung to air and is down pump .... Oh well ... we went to Ueno and we stopped for a snack at Starbucks .. had not ever done! I took a really sweet to die for and Ma the frappuccino that has marked the holiday for the remaining days ..


in Japan there are Starbucks on every corner, while in Italy ... anyway ... not even the shadow.... we find the famous store of the day TOP SEVEN (references to things and idol are purely coincidental u.u) ... and now a parenthesis of our philosopher of trust .. ME =)
I'm Reading the diary and here is what I found that I had forgotten that I had written ...
"I'm having fun like crazy =) Japan is a wonderful country ... I wish I grew up here ... I want to know the Japanese language (* to this point I'm working u.u *), I would live here and immerse myself in his habits and its way of live .. but .. you know ... very often the places that we like or we love are always on the other side of the world ... today out of DAISO I thought about how many sacrifices my parents have done for me and ... I was crying .. for this reason I want that this trip become one of the best I could ever do and I want them to participate it by buying a lot of memories of this wonderful place because the important thing is not the price (oh my God I'm crying!) but the soul and the memories that object will move back and every time they will look at say "this brought it to me from Japan, when we realized her dream =)" even if I'm not there at that time they will be proud of what they have done for me and I hope that they are of me too .. although I have not done anything for them, I hope one day to return the favor .. I really hope so =) "
Oh I die = ') ...
After this parenthesis very happy... let's talk about the day u.u


I finally managed to find the shirt for my dad .... Finallyyyyyyyyyy!! Hard Rock with behind two Geisha with electric guitar .. all colorful and beautiful as he pleases u.ù =) =)
I forgot to say about the Sexy shop .. but it is best to leave out ... I only say that there was an affable called Tornado ... we nicknamed it the ovaries blend ... really ... if you go to Tokyo .. please .. revenue in a sex shop ... at least we died laughing .. and we came out of there with a lot of .. questions ... =) please go XD
I promised you a key meeting?! Here it is! -> .. first of all you should know that as soon as you enter a shop, restaurant or any thing ... they say Irasshaimase ... welcome, to the Ueno market we approach a fishmonger and he screams "Maseeeeeeee" in a loud voice! ,, Ok for the trip, and even now we say Maseeeeeee so out of nowhere .. and started one .. all below u.u .. so much so that in a temple in a cave I said Maseeeee .. and you hear our echoes that reverberate did MaseeeeeMaseeeeMaseeee!! and behold every day we marked in a different way =)

and though at first I felt like


after a while I was accustomed to see passing  the girls, height of my stomach and watching with the top look a lot of guys .. in the metro .. oh! one day there was an old man staring at me ...  and I asked to Ma "what the heck fixed" and she "mah .. look.... I don't know," I said, "but certainly ooooh!he's watching the necklace!" she ".. yes....... the necklace .. sure .."

said this .... It feels for the next Fact!

Byeeeeeee -

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