venerdì 6 settembre 2013


It was exactly a week that we were there =) =) .. we went to Shibuya, the fashion district ... we made ​​the usual photo with Hachiko =) =)



(above there are some photos of Shibuya in general, AYUMI ^^, hachiko and an idiot who is interacting with a dummy ... the dummy copied your movements u.u; under the famous Shibuya 109, called by the guys over here "heaven of pussy" u.u)


well I approached a T-shirt saying .. "oh how cute this ... but where is the price .. how much it costs?"

such exorbitant prices!!!!!
here was fashionable a hat crowned with cat ears .. I had tried it and I looked like an idiot ... it's just a thing for Asian u.u .. I've seen lately in an image of SHINee .. had it on Key u.u .. in Tokyo there are trucks with mega prints groups and songs to advertise right!? .. we walk and what do we see? the truck of  Pichu (2PM)! Race against the clock to make the photo but I can make photo only in the distance .. but Manuel, who was behind us, say "wanted this?" and see the photo of the truck ... YEEEEEEES! great Manuel ... but I don't know why in this we are there too .. maybe after we had refound it. .. I don't remember .. bah u.u


then we go to Tower records .. where I and Marty were all the time in the area of K-POP and I took the CD of GD & TOP =) and there were TV with Pichu and giant posters of them bare-chested and all gjapanese girls around .. Paolo arrives, takes us and leads us there .. is short we did the photo with shirtless poster .. making fools as always ... and looking at the japanese girls as if to say .. "Mhuaha do it yourself if you dare u.u" ..



well ... after being captured by our comrades to go away and saying goodbye to K-POP, we finished the tour in Shibuya 109 ... I saw a panda ... damn that time! and the order has arrived and I was filled with all the things they had with a panda and was having a great time but I don't too much O.o


       HER FACE......................................................................MINE

we went at a time of bazze (things that are just a little price) ... and I found something of VK Yeeeeee! the CD Ver good night Kaname (Discovered an amazing thing!! Everything we heard last Saturday and really we imagine the girls rub the sheet of Kaname with this cd the heck! Which at some point made ​​us fear !) .. it was a sheet together ... ok ... I look at the page of the receipts of the day ... and is riddled! an is here ... in a shop .... we saw Sawako's cosplay of Kimi ni todoke u.u =) =) then .... DAISO I haven't speak about?? How I could! then ... it's our 1 € with differences .. there isn't like here all stuff that sucks .. there are the 105Yen but there are those wonderful things .. Ma and me took 300 thousand kinds of rubber bands, hair clips, and bento strakawaii ... then I took a bang things to decorate my room and the house .. and also presents u.ù .. we also went to disneystore .. externally beautiful .. internally fantastic!



4 floors with a spiral staircase .. small but beautiful .. there was also a collectible doll of Cinderella u.u .. and there was room of Toy Story, Pinocchio .. above the spiral staircase was trilly, a night with a blue background .. a bang stuff of Alice in Wonderland! The Cheshire Cat dark version! And I took .. then I tell my receipt .. there were things to hang on the Christmasthat  here in Italy I don't found anything of what was there ... 5 hangers: Cheshire Cat, paperina, little mouse, foo hitter (baseball) and foo for my dad. . then they cost 900 yen .. and so I would have something like 4500 yen .. but that's incredible .. discount of ¥ 2,000 ¥ 2,500 I only paid a bargain! Yes, yes u.ù
and there have been even photos from idiots in various shops (out of 109 ^ ^)


and of course the photos in the most famous intersection of Tokyo .. then thou saw 5 gaijin (foreigners) jump here and there.. recognize us??




The next day we went to Nippori (district tailors) because the last time it was Sunday and most of the shops were closed =) and after we go to the market in Ueno where we will have a knowledge that will change forever the journey !!

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