giovedì 5 settembre 2013


It's the time of Nakano =) you'll soon understand the reason for the title ^^
then .. go out after a few steps from the metro and we are in the shopping street mhuahahaaha ...


SHOPPPPING!!!! YAAAAAAH ... but that would be made ​​later .. because we went straight to the Nakano Broadway which I took the brochure at the entrance ... there was a mega touch screen as a kind of counter information divided by food, music, etc. ... the Nakano Broadway is a 5-storey "little" bild .. 5 floors but you say bah .. just a few ... if ... they were huge .. and there was everything and the ways of the plans... oh my God! We were losing the time ... oh well ... often we set an appointment for dinner time and go away! Ma and me decided to start from the top floor ... but it was something pretty fast because there were mostly restaurants ... we go down to 3F and allllèèèè ... ditto for the 1F and 2F ... I think that we walked miles and miles ... u.u find a bench in Japan, also find baskets .. is like finding a dwarf penguin walk to Verona! However .. I bought the CD of Big Bang so I was already in seventh heaven u.u then take the elevator and go down ... and we go to the underground cellar O.O that seem a horror movie location.. so scary ... then go back to B1 ... well ... Well ... there was the food market with everything .. there were tricks .. things for the home .. things for everyday anyway ... quiet when we turn!


IODSFGODFGJNGOFHOIBHOEIBHOGRNOGAN .. what we see .. or rather, who do we see? A first category of christ at the fish counter (which I nicknamed Butcher .. I don't know why I called him like that u.u..) ..


we will be spent in front of him 7/8 times .. the girl in the corner make manicuter with K-pop video, so we stopped to watch ... I looked like a chameleon .. with an eye watching the kpop and with the other the guy .. Bad I know ... we find the famous ice cream 20 cm high .. first impression -> O_O ... no but really .. you see the chicks as high as your own leg that eat this stuff is huge as their face ... we opted for the normal cone u.u ... and turning (past the guy that will now also had the bales full of us)


what's on the corner next to the shoemaker? .. A MIRAGE!! A bench! A long blue banch! We were seated after an hour or so kind and we went out... and we went to do the alley in front of Mandarake u.u how many beautiful things ... and a blonde waiter ultra cute from the window of his restaurant greets us =)


and we as the imbeciles greet him u.u ... oh well .. turn a little around and enter into a dark alley, with the local traditional style with lots of lanterns.... out here that appear 4 guys ... that didn't seem so good .. and then what do our heroines do?? turn and .. briskly go towards the main street ... after a while we turn and luckily they had turned before u.u fiuuu ...


anyway .. we finished the tour and what we did .. B1 in the bench near the butcher u.u ... 
it's time to go and I was taking the stairs that were close to the bench and Ma looks at me and say .. "but Ale .. wasn't this way? .." and I use a little "why???" to understand why she told me to go there ... the guy u.u ... we said goodbye forever to that good-looking boy =) =) .. and we found other guys and we sat on the stairs to take stock of the situation .. and .. as they say .. there isn't two without three .. one guy sit next to me ..


maybe he have 30 year old ... career man... and he ask "Where are you from?" and I said "Italy" "wooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooItalyItaly" O.o?? ... they all turned and we looked at it as if to say ..." we aren't a rare species you know!" .. Well it ended up going to talk to Filippo, to exchange the e-mail and when he finally go away... he ran after us with two bags


and they gave one to manuel and one to filippo... he had just bought two keyboards especially for them ... bah ..


according to us he prefer boys u.u .. but it was so much tenderness =) =) oh .. here's a thing .. I, Ma and Tessa went to a restaurant that really was the end of the world ... is called A-License and it was something OMGKDFJSIGOS! The tables were low for me but oh .. Not all Japanese are high 1.74 u.ù .. instead the boys are pretty high u.u I have seen few lower than me .. Well .. the fact is that after met Manuel we went to eat and it was the best place I've eaten .. well there everything was good .. but there .. hell I love it!


in Japan outside the restaurants have these plastic thing ^^ and .. as you can see from what I ate that night are identical...


Now it's lunchtime and I'm getting hungry! I'm going to eat something and get ready for the next post ... the next day we went to the favorite neighborhood of the undersigned .. HARAJUKU!

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