giovedì 5 settembre 2013


Wellllllllllll ... After receiving a "gentle and quiet" awakening from Mama we move to Ueno, Nippori and around Tokyo ...
the previous day I was so thrilled to see that in Akihabara metro I haven't looked around me ... ha ha big mistake u.ù
open the parenthesis .. big parenthesis! boys and girls
start with the girls ...
ok .. pfff  tv programs like ugly duckling is anything! go in the metro in Japan! I'm not kidding .. there are the girls that with a little makeup become idol!


and it seems also that they make fun of you saying, "I'm more beautiful than you!" and you know it as well .. even if they put us six hundred pounds of makeup ...

                             (sorry Jong ^^)

and you are slike this .. and you cannot do anything because you're sucked as:


spend topic guys .... sprouting like mushrooms u.ù


doing massacres of hearts, creating heart attacks and kidnapping various instincts!


in this case and you're like this:

          (don't seem like say "divine goodness" or "I love this country")


or you find yourself staring at them like a sleeve and avoid cross their eyes but sometimes you can not do .. and who knows these poor gods who think ...
but we got off the metro we were a thing like:


Than we go to Roppongi ... and there we go to the Nerima Animation Carnival .. where a park with 200 yen and walked into after inside were various attractions .. we haven't made ​​a miss (I was tempted by boat XD) but our noble goal was different: the MARKET! before entering we watched the presentation of the various mascot .. (you should know that in Japan they have a mascot for everything .. even the police have one!)



after seeing the little show we go and some of us try their luck with "put it in the hole if you can" (?) .. and after that we start the tour!! .. Ma entry in "Nerima powah!" mode and bought the brooch of it .. and after a few steps we come into the market .. all stuff used but their use is equivalent to put a time or never use it .. Ma bought a pair of flats and under were still new to dance! and I had (FINALLY) a bag with fringes at 500 yen ..I was looking for one here in Italy but less than 20€ you can't find anything like that ... then turn, turn, buy, buy, we take the usual idiot photo ...

(note the face of the that man .. but the pork in the carousel horses.... I never seen it u.u)

Well turn around and catch ... what?!?! a large group of mixed cosplayer with lots of  kawai cosplayer equipped with machines and panels too!

and... this animal machine!!! I like it!!!

after touring all 3000 times and observing / commenting  the cosplayers, we left with the group and go to Ueno .. where is the shop RILLA <3! (Rilakkuma) and where I bought a bang of things .. I love Rilla!

I don't remember where exactly but we also go to the Tower records .. where I and Ma searched fot the k-pop paradise!


but fortunately it wasn't the only opportunity to see cd / articles etc. of k-pop ^^

well .. we came back to the hotel!! after a nice shower we goes to bed ... having first saluted the cool guy of the room in front of our door ^^ The next day we went to Nakano .. and even new love will be born here ^^

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