lunedì 16 settembre 2013


We went to Ikebukuro .. and here I brought a little money .. When I'll be back I know what to bring on ... here is the world's largest Animated who had opened .. I do not remember if the same day or so .. 9 9 I say! Plans stuff! And there was everything .. of everything!





and in another place there was a doll of Grell that I didn't take .. TT^TT... But I found out the mini-books of VK! And I also found a doll of Mio Akiyama to 210 yen .... At some point, we split up and me and Ma arrived in the park of cats ... they were a lots of cats .. and I love cats u.ù ...


 then we went in the mega mall in Ikebukuro and we went to see the aquarium ... after a half hour of rounds and rounds we discovered that it was on the floor above the 9 .. call it the tenth floor was disgusting ?

However .. I took brochures in English , Japanese and Korean u.u ...


and it was gorgeous .. in front of the jellyfish, Ma took the picture as saying GD sweet medusssah! Luckily there was no one nearby> . > ...


the aquarium was built on 3 floors and the third was outdoors .. there were even puppies Fennec = 2 )  puppies were beautiful = 3



and even here the closet child hit me! I got a cd of versailles and also one of the an cafe ... u.u Ikebukuro is the country of cosplayers ... but one thing we noticed also to Nerima ... if they make a race with us Italians are torn a lot ... they are just right for their face .. and it is also normal .. they have invented them after all ... but as a passion in creating your own cosplay .. Well I'm sorry but you are fighting far .. and I believe .. beyond the lace inserts , embroidery , buttons and all that is incidental costs an arm and a leg! .. then do first to buy a costume to 170 euro rather than let you because you would leave a legacy u.u ..
.. there have been even our "Instant cosplay "


I don't remember when we went there but I forgot the Tokyu Hands ... I went there on 14/11 .... paradise of DIY !


but before I leave I'll tell you what had happened that morning on the metro ... as usual I give a look at who 's out there ..... and I drop the eye of a girl .. I have to tell you the truth it was not really cute ....
she has made a transformation !


  XD ha ha .. no.. more like this


and to put those heck of an eye we use 200,000 hours and she ?!? ! tac .. put in 1 second .. but NOO!

 ohhh weeeell .. I'm leaving .. ciaoooo ^^

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