venerdì 6 settembre 2013


Ok about that day I have to tell you a little 'thing or two =) we went to the museum and Yokohama Ramen



Ramen I tried was delicious and quite different from what we sell here


then in practice Ramen Museum .. you walked into and immerse themselves in the 50's ... where as usual there was a sign attached to a house designed with the kind that reminded me of T.O.P u.u


u.ù is everywhere and there .in addition to thechrist stand in the toys stand there was Seoppi ... I did videos, photos, and when he distributed flyers with his ​​picture Ma and me slings! He did crazy things with the glasses and rectangles u-u .. that then .. a few days ago by putting in place the cards in Japan I realize that I've the contact of Seoppi (Twitter)! O.o I immediately went for follow u.ù .. and before him was the king of yo-yo .. even there I made the video .. it is amazing to see how Tokyo teeming of Christs u.u I like Koreans .. but also the Japs are fighting well =)


then in Yokohama!!




I tasted the Nikuman already here ... but don't eat those with shrimp and spicy tomato .. Mom goodness!


I bought the card TOP (k-pop powah!) As if that was not enough to Yokohama I bought a panda hat


 and in the metro a christ told me "You're Cute" .. I'm shy by nature, I became flushed .. I explain the scene ... he gets up because he had to get off at the next stop and looks at me and smiles .. I smile as if to say "whatthehellareyouwatching?" And he comes out with this!!


Manuel told me that I would have to say "You too" .. but you think it?!?! I became red and are not even able to say thanks! And after they have turned red he laughed like a boy who's fell in love ... (it was very kawai = 3) ..

(I had to do something like that .. but I was more so)

then there it was one in front of me that reminded me to Tiziano Ferro


(ok I stared at him .. but then he read so u.u) and I came to the conclusion that was for the shape of the jaw .. when... next to me had started a punk ... mom mom *.*

      same hairstyle

.. other thing that happened on the metro .. me and Ma have surrounded him .. then -> Ma | Christ | Ale u.u we liked to keep nearby places free because maybe you are near a christ and sometimes is successful ... then I looked at all because I was wearing the panda hat and a girl said that I was kawaii =) mhuauaahaha Panda Powah! But to me it was enough the guy of metro XD

well .. and even today I'm a happy woman ... byeeee-

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