venerdì 6 settembre 2013


We went to the Ghibli Museum =) Miyazaki is my favorite director so you can imagine my emphasis

in seeing these crazy and wonderful things  at the same time!



There were of those things that deceived the eye giving the viewer of a fantastic experience! I swear .. I was more than half an hour before a work and each time I could not understand and grinning like an idiot (but of course no video! Manuel has also been nabbed XD)! We saw a short film about old men and mice =) cute =) =) and there was also the cat bus where the brats .. and ONLY them. ---. could jump on, get inside etc. ... aaahh! It's not fair u.ù


We went to the seat of government where the elevator have three  option  1 2, and 45 (or 42?) O.o and it took less than 4 minutes to go up and from there you could see all over Tokyo ... even though it was raining heavily .. ... So the view was not the best but all the same it was wonderful!





but... here L can't go >.<


We also went to Shinjuku and 101 (a shopping center and a meeting place for lolita gothic lolita .. I've seen them... thy are amazing!), I reviewed all my diploma XD! There was also the MoimemeMoitie, then we entered a shop where there are visualkei cds and there were 4 guys who looked at things and at one point I saw that the blond guy with the pieces of the blacks had hair same color as that guy of the video O.O


and I said .. "but there seem to them?" and the other "naaaaah they're very different," and I "be the make uo works wonders .." and after Manuel asked to the cashier if they werethem and she said yes and I I said ".. I told you that the make up works wonders I have a hawk eyes u.u ".. and  we went out but they had already vaporized .. but we saw idols!!! ... yes! The EVE .. we thought they were called NOVUS but it was the title of the album




                                                     (returned to Italy ... a bit like after Feb ..
       I did research and found out who they were u.ù
     I added them on twitter and  downloaded
           all their albums <3 )


then another great discovery .. the Closet Child ... I LOOOOOOVE IT! I took a beautiful hat u.ù =)


Then we went to snog with sephiroth ... that said so =.=" .... In practice it was embedded in the floor and assured us there on the ground to make us the photos ...


u.u and then to the pokémon center where Paolo saied to us "Want to see how do you make people laugh a lot?" us" obviously" u.u .. we took the Poké Ball and at the entrance there are the models of  Pikachu and other Pokémon and we got there with balls and Paolo  make the photo .. the cashier lsughed al the time .. as well as those who saw us u.u u.u ... but oh well. the gaijin are made on purpose to make laugh japanese  u.u


This Fact is a bit 'short but I anticipate that there will be another discovery in the next post ... SEOPPI!!! .. and what discovery!!!!!

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