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And our brave heroine arrives in the country of the Rising Sun, the Narita Airport (Tokyo) to be exact, but before talk about my trip I want to share with you all the feelings and thoughts that preceded my adventure.

It all started when, in June 2012, I received a Facebook invitation to an event by the "Tokyo Otaku Tour", an association that deals with otaku travel in Japan and the event in question was precisely the "Aki tour", two weeks (from 8 to 22 November) in the Japanese capital. Like a good passionate which I am, I turned the invitation to "Ma" (Martina, my classmate in high school) and I search all about it, well as much as I could.. about the program, all in a book, and I began to read and fantasize about that trip that I never thought to do and about people much more fortunate which can go there.

Of this "dream" made ​​partakers even my parents, and stress them talking every day of it, reading them the program and all the insights I could get and I knew that Ma also did the same, but certainly we didn't do it on purpose, ours was a way to dream that trip and to get a little more near that great dream!!
After days and days when I was minding my things at the computer and eating my beloved blueberries... suddenly my parents come into the office and ask me "Would you like to make that trip to Japan?" And I sayed "Of course .." and they came up with "Well .. we decided to give it for Diploma "
are you serious??
I dropped the blueberry and I wasn't no longer able to contain the happiness!!!! I felt excited at the thought of touching the ground of Japan!!! 

something like that...
As if that weren't enough, the new discovery my dad told me also shock me! Also Ma (one of my best friends) would come, but I shouldn't say anything because, for the moment, she didn't know nothing about it. I admit that I made a lot of effort to don't reveal this secret so big, but finally out of our comic book, sitting on a bench reading Kuroshitsuji, my dad calls me and tells me that I could tell her because she was sure too.... she was reading Kuro and, always with a stupid smile on my face, I mentioned speech by saying, "You know that trip that I shot in Japan?" and she always reading the manga "yes", then " my parents give it to me for diploma! "she stares at me for a few seconds with her big blue eyes wide open as if to say" You're kidding, right? "

than she going back with his face to the manga, seeing her so I said the magic word "And yours give it to you!" she looked at me, we started to scream and cackle embrace (which we never do it)

The manga has been set aside and placed inside the bag, we did our mental movies... The bus arrived shortly after, and very a strange thing, we were able to sit down, fatality facing each other, and although we tried to stand "normal" and think for ourselves... we didn't do that and not caring for the people around us and watching us dazed, we talked about what we were thinking, as you can imagine, it was about the same topic: what would have happened in Japan, and I remember that we did all the way and even on the street in the center of Verona to say, "So I go to Japan !" to every single thing / person who came near us. After two and a half hours spent texting with Ma and listening to music I got home, and I was finally able to stop a double room for the hotel from the good old Paolo (organizer of the Tour and a man completely out of head).

Our parents would have paid for the trip, but we would have been due to take care of all the paperwork so we asked the parties to Paolo in the private page of the Tour, all we wanted to know, 'cause it was the first time for both of us that we did a trip like that...

we were deskamte so... we spoke of Japan in many different ways, we left with the speaking of the question of mathematics and magically ended up in the "Journey", we had a head like a melon of friends, family, professors, and I think even the walls!

In the options of places to go and see among other things there were: the Gundam Front, artificial island of Odaiba, that could not miss the fantastic Gundam natural height, the museum of Fujiko, the mangaka of Doraemon (that we all have snubbed), the first of the new Evangelion film (which  didn't inspired us, 'cause it wasn't an anime that I followed, and see a movie in a Japanese thing that I dn't care, honestly I did want), the Ghibli Museum and the Fuji-Q, famous amusement park at the foot of the mountain, which we had originally thought of doing it, but then for economic reasons we decided to leave out.
The minimum number of participants per tour was 8, but we were only 6 (including Paolo) and then both me and Ma had been surrendered and we thought that this trip now so close, were moving away from its implementation increasingly. I will always remember this date, September 17, the date of closing of entries and we were always in 6! When suddenly after a couple of days Paolo gave us the news that we would be leaving the same, my reactions were many and I was almost going to cry, it was finally decided!


We spent another two months, in the meantime we met our traveling companions: Tessa, Filippo and Manuel and came to the knowledge of all details of the trip and our stay in Tokyo.
  During the summer I started to work with my dad after the exams... I was more and more often to the house of Ma ^^ once we had a barbecue with our parents for talk about the last things of the trip, they were very worried, especially fathers who consider us their "little babies" and neither of us had never been so far away for so long.

The month of November was full of expectations and joys, but not only for the trip ... the first and the second of the month meant only one thing: Lucca comics! The previous year had marked the birth of my passion for the cosplay and my first cosplay, in fact. But this year we had an amazing success, just got off the bus we had already stopped, and once revenue has unleashed a flash after another flash, finding ourselves in a short time surrounded of paparazzi!!! we felt like idols...

Many things have happened those days, but that's another story ...
The 3rd and 4th I celebrated my birthday with friends and we went to the Sky Light ,a disco  in San Bonifacio , unfortunately the pictures have gone all lost because the machine of a friend was lost, but we had fun, so much that we stayed until closing with a group of guys and then came back home, just to celebrate my 19 years, we look Mulan ha ha XDXD
Days gone slowly and 6, the real day of my birthday, though I didn't want anything, my parents gave to me a pair of pajamas for use it in Japan and my sisters gave a bag studded with skulls...the same evening I finished to pack my bags, where I was also angry and went away because I've hit on me like a fury "hurricane Debby" , who argued that I should have to bring clothes with its complete ( I ?! I don't put it here in Italy, why take it to Japan where I walked 3500 km!), and "Hurricane Mom", who claimed that I had put too much light clothing, commenting with "put also this sweatshirt, and other 2 pairs of jeans and jacket what do you wear?  two right?! .. and only two pairs of shoes!?!" Aaaaaahhhhhhhh ! Of course the next morning, with the calm reigning and with boiling  finally boiled (?), I was able to pull out of the things I had put, lightening the bag of about 5kg! The only thing I have left were tons of medicines, although when we were there and we were very well and once back in Italy I was badly constipated u.u for the series better there than here (in all senses)!
Ma the day after came to my house because she would come with us to "Malpensa airport", my dad took a day off and came to greet "her child", because he had already choked up when he view me with suitcase....


The flight was structured in this way: I, Ma, Tessa and Filippo would be leaving from Milan, while Paolo and Manuel from Rome, it was the time to go for the ultimate night's sleep in my italian room, although we didn't sleep much, and the next day we left for Milan!

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